The community garden of 88, 880 and the Casitas on Grandview Way.

Let’s get growing
We are excited to announce the second community garden at Grandview Way! The 2016 growing season starts July 6 and ends mid-November. Based on community feedback, we have have relocated the garden near Church Avenue. There is room for 8 plots this year and each unit selected to participate will be assigned a portable plot along with planting soil to grow vegetables, fruits, or flowers.

$25 Membership Fee, Payable upon Selection
Something new this year is a mandatory $25.00 Membership Fee to help offset garden expenses. If you are selected to participate, we will send you a confirmation email with instructions on when and where to access your plot and how to make payment.

Before submitting your application … Read the Ground Rules
We learned many lessons from our pilot community garden and have established ground rules to ensure safety and enjoyment for community garden participants as well as all the neighbours in the community.

Now … submit your Application by June 24th noon and let’s get growing!