The community garden of 88, 880 and the Casitas on Grandview Way.

Ground Rules

We want everyone to have a good experience! In order to maintain respect for our community and other gardeners, we must observe the following rules without exception. By submitting an application, you agree to the 11 Ground Rules listed below.


1) I will pay the mandatory $25 Membership Fee.
I agree to pay a 25.00 mandatory Membership Fee to the Management Office if I am selected to participate in the 2016 Grandview Growers Community Garden.

2) Plot location assigned by lottery.
I understand that the plot location is determined by lottery.

3) I will plant only annuals.
I agree to plan only “annuals” (i.e., no perennials). Planting can start as soon as you are assigned a plot.

4) I have my own gardening supplies.
I will supply my own resources (gardening tools, plants).

5) I will keep my plot clean and safe.
I am responsible for keeping my plot clean and well-maintained (i.e., not overgrown with weeds or infested with pests, watered regularly, no rotting produce or plant materials in the plot). I understand that if my plot does not conform to the maintenance standards, I will be given one (1) warning and if I am unable to correct the condition, my plot will be revoked and may be given to someone else on the waiting list. NO refund will be given.

6) I will use acceptable props to support tall plants.
To prop up plants with stakes, trellises, or cages, I will follow these guidelines, which are in keeping with the safety and aesthetic standards of the community.
• Use only props that are intended for gardening use.
• Do not use re-purposed or recycled materials (e.g., laundry rack turned into a trellis).
• Bamboo garden stakes can be used, but not broken twigs or tree branches.
• The maximum allowable height for props is 2 feet to 3 feet. Aim for uniformity of props.
• Ensure that all props are securely installed and will not fall over the walkway or get caught in a passerby’s clothes /cause an accident.

7) I will respect other gardeners and community members.
When tending to my plot, I will be respectful of the people living in the units near the planting area by working quietly, making sure there is enough room for people who need to use the walkway and by not leaving garbage in the planting area.

8) I will tend my garden between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. only

9) I will water my plants when needed and return the key.
The area is equipped with sprinklers, which are turned on every morning. This should be sufficient for most days, but for hotter days, a garden hose is available. To turn the water source on, take the key from the Gatehouse and return it when you are done.

10) I will harvest my own plot.
You will be entitled to the harvest from your plot, and perhaps share with others.

11) I will clean out my plot at the end of the season.
I will clean out my plot and remove all plants, by November 12, 2016. If the project continues on to the next year, the plot might be assigned to someone else.

12) I am fully responsible.
I acknowledge that the Boards of the Condo Corporations, the Property Management Office and the Security staff ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY THEFT OR VANDALISM. If I see ‘strangers’ in my neighbours’ plots, I will email the ‘coordinator’, discuss issues respectfully, and bring disputes to the garden committee if appropriate.